Judy Jade

First Impressions

Not only is Judy hot but she has an elegance that you don’t often see in girls her age. The softcore model seems older than she is and that’s a good thing. I checked out her full size sample photos and I was blown away, especially by the one where she’s wearing a tiny blue bikini and blue latex hot pants. That’s going to be a fun set. On the photo page she offers a preview picture from all of her galleries. The site was launched less than three months ago (as of July 16, 2008) and already she has a good collection going.

Hot Promises

The implicit promises made by the preview pictures are that Judy Jade is a hot chick who is sure to entertain you with her beautiful body. I have to believe those promises are going to come true, just based on what I’ve seen so far. She also promises updates every week, super high resolution images, zip files for the picture galleries, only exclusive content and custom photo sets. I guess if you send her an email with an idea for a set and she really likes it she’ll shoot it and put it up. If you’re at all curious you should really visit the tour and sample a few pictures.


In the member’s area you’ll see that Judy updates twice a week with a new photo set. That’s more than many softcore girls can manage so that’s the first good sign. Pictures from the last two updates are right there on the main page and with a click you’ll be looking at the hot pictures. You can read a short welcome notice from Judy and on the left hand side of the page they’ve posted the first paragraph from Judy’s diary entries, which they call stories. Along the top of the page are the links to the content sections, although this isn’t a huge site so there aren’t too many places to go.

Judy Jade launched her site in early May 2008 and two and a half months later she has 32 photo sets for your pleasure. At the moment she doesn’t have any video content, although there’s a section of the site labeled “specials” that is currently empty. They promise that it’s going to be the most exciting part of the site but since I have no idea what’s going to be in there I can’t really comment. I’m holding out hope that when it opens we’re going to see the lovely Judy Jade taking off her clothes on video.

For now we have the picture galleries and every week she brings us two more glorious examples of her fantastic body and her exceptional sexuality. Judy doesn’t show her pussy but there are plenty of shots of her tits. She exposes most of her body in the photo sets and sometimes she’ll even take off her panties but keep her fingers over her pussy, hiding it from view. She’s often found in thongs so you’ll see plenty of her ass as well.

The photo sets have 50-100 images on average and they come in two resolutions. The low resolution pictures are 600px on the longest side and the high resolution are 3500px on the longest side. This was the most disappointing thing for me. I don’t like looking at such large images because I can only see a tiny fraction of the picture before I have to scroll all over. However, 600px is tiny and I can’t really experience Judy Jade as she intended. The only option is to download the zip file of each gallery and look at them from my hard drive (I know browsers have an auto-resize option for images but they always end up looking fuzzy).

Now let’s talk about the pictures! Judy Jade loves to pose in lingerie and super sexy outfits as opposed to the cute pastel colored tank tops and shorts that many of her softcore teen brethren choose. Both types of girls have their place in the adult world but I happen to like this type of babe better. The first gallery that stood out to me was added on July 8 and it features Judy in a white lace chemise, white stockings, sexy panties and white satin gloves. It was the satin gloves that really put it over the top. Whenever I see them I can’t help but imagine them stroking my schlong. Satin feels so soft and it always makes a girl look more elegant.

She wears satin gloves in a second gallery and she looks great in that one as well. Staying with the satin theme there’s a very sexy set where she’s posing outdoors in a short satin dress and high heels. The pictures were hot but they also revealed one of the other problems with the site. Many of the shots were blurry because they were taken while Judy was moving. I know there are some cameras that correct that sort of thing but she’s not shooting with one of those. Also, the lighting is weak in some sets and because of that you can’t appreciate Judy’s beauty like you should be able to.

In most galleries everything comes together and she looks amazing. In another of my favorite galleries she’s wearing a shiny, skin tight silver dress and it’s a perfect set for appreciating her flawless, slim teen body. She’s paired the dress with red stockings and a red thong and she sits in a chair and shows off her hot body from every conceivable angle. If you like sexy bikinis she shows up in a few and of course her body is so slim and sexy that she looks great in them. Finally I’ll mention a sexy gallery where Judy poses in a sheer black lace bra and sexy black panties. It’s hot and her tummy looks so tight and sexy I just can’t get enough.

In the stories section you can read Judy’s musings and learn a little about her and her life. She usually talks a little about her photo shoot, shares with you what the shoot was like, what she did that week, etc. There are pictures posted with most entries although they’re generally from the photo sets so they’re not exclusive or amazing. 30 days access to JudyJade.com goes for $29.95 and that gets you access to more than 2,100 pictures and two weekly updates. As soon as the “specials” section is finished I’m sure it will be an even more amazing site but who knows what they’re planning.

Croco’s Opinion

Judy Jade is a hot teenager and she’s sharing her body with the world online. She has 30+ galleries where she models sexy lingerie, slutty outfits and bikinis. They lack a middle of the road image size but that’s a minor problem at best. The bottom line is that Judy is a hottie and if you want to see exclusive pictures of her hotness then you should check out the site. She really knows how to work her body for the camera and her site is updated twice a week it’s only going to get bigger.


The site is easy to navigate thanks to a slick design.

Pricing Policy

One month costs $29.95 and it automatically rebills.

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